Honda Marine Redesigns Honda BF115 and BF150 Outboards. BF225 and BF250 Intelligent Shift and Throttle (iST®) models added to Canadian Lineup

  • Updated features and benefits offer next level of product excellence by integrating innovative Honda cross-platform technology into high-demand marine products   

  • At the International BoatBuilders Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) 2021, Honda Marine announces the redesign and upgrade of two of its most popular high-power outboard motors, the Honda BF115 and the Honda BF150. 

  • Both BF115 and BF150 motors feature multiple rigging options for a customized on-the-water experience; choices include both Intelligent Shift and Throttle (iST®) and mechanical control options.

  • For Canada in 2022, both the BF225 and BF250 Outboards will also have optional Intelligent Shift and Throttle (iST®) or mechanical control.

  • Honda Canada will announce pricing and on-sale dates for the mechanical and iST® BF115, BF150, BF225 and BF250 models early in 2022.

  • Honda Marine’s newest models signal the Company’s unwavering commitment to developing new products, including larger horsepower outboard motors for the future, and investing in further efforts to address environmental issues by utilizing unique new Honda technology.

Honda Marine blasts into a new boating season at the 2021 International BoatBuilders Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) announcing today a significant redesign of two of its most popular high-power outboard motors, the Honda BF115 and BF150.

The Honda BF115 and BF150 high-power outboards mark the newest evolution in the company’s product line, integrating a host of class-leading features and benefits that eclipse competitive models and deliver enhanced operation, streamlined maintenance and sleek design. Both models are available in either mechanical or drive-by-wire operation.  The BF115 and BF150 outboards are engineered to meet the requirements and needs of pleasure boaters and pros alike, capable of powering a broad number of boat types including fresh and saltwater family and fishing boats. 

BF225 and BF250 Intelligent Shift and Throttle (iST®)

In 2022, Honda Canada will be adding to its flagship outboard motors both BF225 iST® and BF250 iST® options that include the second generation of iST® for drive-by-wire functionality with joystick control. Prior to that, Honda Marine also updated the BF40/50 and BF75/90/100 models with a wide range of improvements such as thickening the anti-cavitation plates for durability and repositioning service access points for faster, easier maintenance.

BF115 and BF150 Updates

Flexible Rigging, Easy Operation

Both Honda Marine high-power outboards, the refreshed BF115 and BF150 boost an expanded number of features that make operation smooth and easy. The engines are available in both mechanical and Intelligent Shift & Throttle (iST®, the Honda-developed drive by wire system) configurations. Both BF115 and BF150 models feature an expanded number of rigging options; newly designed push button and key start configurations; and a multi-function display to provide boaters with a customized on-the-water operating experience. A standard tilt limit switch has been added to all four models.

 Intelligent Shift & Throttle

The Honda iST® command and control system provides superb control and plug-and-play installation. The system offers all of the features boaters are looking for, including control of multiple engines and two control stations; effortless shift and throttle control; fine tuning of throttle settings at any speed; virtual positioning and anchoring, enhanced docking and slow speed control; return-to-port capability; and simple, easy-to-understand user interface. This system integrates with Optimus 360 joystick steering, Seaways by Dometic® virtual positioning and SeaStation by Dometic® virtual anchoring.

For multi-engine installations, the iST® provides one switch trim control on the throttle handle, trimming all engines simultaneously. Individual trim switches allow for the fine tuning of each engine’s trim position. The system also provides engine speed synchronization and single handle control of all engines while synchronized.

RPM and Amps Up

The Honda BF115 and BF150 are designed with a 24-valve dual overhead camshaft configuration for increased high RPM power and offer a robust 55 total amps with 44 amps of charging power available for a range of electrical accessories. A three-way cooling system ensures optimum operation and long-term durability.


For convenience and flexibility, boaters buying these new Honda high-power outboards have two options for starting the engine. The iST® models offer a one press-push button start; if equipped with immobilizer and if the key/transponder unit is lost, the owner can rely on an emergency mechanical key, paired with a passcode, to start the engine(s). The mechanical ECU models offer a key start.

Gauges and User Interface

The buttons, indicators, and gauges for the BF115 and BF150 outboards are redesigned to offer the operator a variety of starting, operational and maintenance information, along with alerts, in an easy-to-view format.


The Honda BF115, and BF150 motors equipped with iST® are available with an immobilizer ignition system that requires a remote transponder key to start the engine. The theft-deterrent immobilizer is designed to prevent the engine from being started without the owner’s remote ignition key. If an attempt is made to start the engines without the proper key, the immobilizer disables the engine.

Easy Maintenance

The Honda Marine BF115 and BF150 incorporate several enhancements for improved reliability and ease of maintenance. A newly designed engine cowling is easy to remove, giving quick access to engine components. Inside the cowling, repositioned anodes, and Honda’s bolt coating boost corrosion resistance in harsh marine environments. Other features, such as redesigned and/or repositioned tilt and trim unit, high- and low-pressure fuel filters, water separator, spark plug access, an enlarged dipstick oil receptacle, and enhanced diagnostic codes, make for quick and easy visual inspection and reduced maintenance time—giving boaters more time on the water and less time having outboards being serviced.

 Shared Technology: Crossing Honda Product Lines

The technology applied to the refreshed Honda BF115 and BF150 outboards is derived from the very same technology that powers Honda automobiles, gaining from years of proven Honda engineering, precision manufacturing and reliability. This cross-platform integration of technology, with features such as push-button start and theft deterring immobilizer, illustrates the Honda commitment to high performance, fuel efficiency and environmental excellence for its customers. In conjunction, innovative features and Honda-exclusive technologies make the newly refreshed outboards leading choices in the highly popular 115hp – 150hp outboard range, providing increased value and benefit to consumers:

  • Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC®), a Honda exclusive, uses mild cam profile to operate intake valves at low rpm, then engages a high-output cam profile for higher-rpm operation. The exclusive design provides a unique blend of power delivery and a broader, flatter torque curve, resulting in smooth power throughout the engine’s operating range. (BF150)

  • Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST™) System dramatically improves performance and acceleration by advancing ignition timing during ‘hammer down’ acceleration. The Engine Control Module (ECM) steps in to increase injector timing, creating a more potent air/fuel mixture.  The resulting boost in available torque at low rpm contributes to a strong holeshot to get the boat up on plane quickly. (BF115, BF150)

  • Lean Burn Control automatically adjusts the air/fuel mix according to speed and load while maximizing power throughout the acceleration range. Lean burn control provides leading class fuel efficiency with 86 octane fuel, providing as much as 20 percent greater fuel economy in cruise mode. (BF115, BF150)

  • Dual Stage Induction maximizes air intake for combustion, improving engine performance. (BF150)

The Honda BF115, BF150, BF225 and BF250 outboards are National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) 2000® certified. This accreditation means the product has been tested to meet specific critical safety criteria and to correctly implement network management and messaging.  NMEA developed this open architecture electronic protocol to allow engine data to interface with a wide variety of name brand marine electronics. In meeting this certification, the BF115, BF150, BF225 and BF250 models do not require the added expense of proprietary gateway devices.

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