Statement by Honda Canada Regarding Recall of Takata Desiccated Replacement Driver’s-Side Front Airbag Inflators

  • Recall involves a specific Takata airbag inflator type PSDI-5D.
  • Free-of-charge recall service will be immediately available.
  • Approximately 84,000 vehicles in Canada will require free driver’s-side airbag inflator replacement, using airbag inflators manufactured by an alternate supplier.
  • Honda has not become aware of any injuries linked to this defect in Canada.

Honda Canada will voluntarily recall approximately 84,000 Acura and Honda vehicles in Canada to perform free-of-charge replacements of certain Takata driver’s-side front airbag inflators that may rupture if an airbag deploys in a crash. The vehicles involved in this recall were previously recalled, and replacement parts used for this previous recall service included Takata desiccated replacement inflators (PSDI-5D), which are now being recalled.

PSDI-5D airbag inflators covered by this recall were manufactured at Takata’s Monclova, Mexico, facility. Manufacturing process errors at this facility may have introduced excessive moisture into the inflator during assembly, which may result in accelerated inflator propellant degradation over time, leading to higher than normal inflator pressure upon airbag deployment. If a recalled driver’s-side front airbag deploys in a crash, its inflator may rupture, potentially shooting sharp metal fragments into the passenger compartment of the vehicle, which could result in serious injury to the driver and passengers. Honda is not aware of any Takata airbag inflator ruptures in vehicles being operated in Canada that are associated with the issues this recall or any other Takata airbag inflator recall are intended to address.

Honda is announcing this recall to encourage each owner of an affected vehicle to take it to an authorized dealer for a free-of-charge replacement of the vehicle’s airbag inflator, as soon as they receive notification of this recall from Honda. Honda has adequate replacement parts to complete the required recall service. These parts are being sourced from an alternate supplier and not Takata.

Mailed notification to owners of affected vehicles is expected begin in early April, 2019. Additionally, owners of the vehicle models listed below may determine if their vehicles are subject to this recall, by visiting or by calling 1-877-445-7754 for Honda automobiles, or or by calling 1-877-445-9844 for Acura automobiles.

Since this recall involves replacement inflators installed in vehicles previously subject to recall, the total number of Honda and Acura vehicles affected by Takata recalls does not change with this action. The total number of Honda and Acura vehicles recalled in Canada for issues associated with their driver’s-side or passenger’s-side front Takata airbag inflators, is approximately 1.52 million.

Automobile models and model years included in this recall of Takata driver’s-side front airbag inflators include:

  • 2003 Acura 3.2 CL
  • 2002-03 Acura TL
  • 2001-05 Acura EL
  • 2003-06 Acura MDX
  • 2001-07 Honda Accord
  • 2001-05 Honda Civic
  • 2002-06 Honda CR-V
  • 2003-10 Honda Element
  • 2002-04 Honda Odyssey
  • 2003-08 Honda Pilot
  • 2006 Honda Ridgeline


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