Statement by Acura Canada Regarding Tailgate Light/Position Light Safety Recall: 2014-2019 Acura MDX

  • Approximately 32,880 vehicles affected in Canada by issue that can cause rear tailgate lid lights and/or exterior position lights to become inoperative due to water intrusion;
  • Rear tailgate lid lights will be repaired, or, if needed, replaced, free of charge;
  • No related crashes or injuries have been reported.

Acura Canada has voluntarily recalled approximately 32,880 2014-2019 Acura MDX vehicles in Canada, to conduct a repair or replacement of the vehicles’ rear tailgate lid lights and, if required, the associated wiring sub harnesses. This recall service will be completed without charge to owners of affected vehicles.

On affected vehicles, moisture may enter the taillights mounted on the tailgate as a result of deformation of the lid light seals. Where this happens, moisture may reach certain electrical components, which may result in rear tailgate lid light failure, and, in some cases, a short circuit that trips the position light fuse, deactivating the exterior position lights and some interior lighting. Without functional rear tailgate lid lights and/or exterior position lighting, a vehicle may be less visible to other traffic, increasing the risk of a crash. Acura has received no reports of crashes or injuries related to this issue.

Acura dealers will replace the gasket seals in both rear tailgate lid lights with updated parts, or, if a light is found to be inoperable due to moisture intrusion, replace the lid light assembly and, as necessary, an associated wiring sub harness.

Acura is announcing this recall to encourage each owner of an affected vehicle to take it to an authorized Acura dealer for a free-of-charge recall service. Acura has adequate replacement parts to complete the required recall service.

Mailed notification to owners of affected vehicles is expected begin in late April 2019. Additionally, owners of 2014-2019 MDX vehicles may determine if their vehicles are subject to this recall, by visiting or by calling 1-888-9ACURA9 (1-888-922-8729).


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