Statement by Honda Canada Regarding Steering Wheel Wire Harness Safety Recall: 2019 Honda CR-V

  • Approximately 17,951 vehicles are affected in Canada;
  • Steering wheel wire harnesses and SRS cable reels will be replaced, while a protective cover will be installed on the steering wheel core, free of charge;
  • Honda is not aware of any crashes or injuries in Canada that are associated with the issue this recall is intended to address.

Honda Canada has voluntarily recalled approximately 17,951 2019 Honda CR-V vehicles in Canada, to conduct the replacement of the steering wheel wire harnesses and Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) cable reels, and install a protective cover on the steering wheel core. This recall service will be completed without charge to owners of affected vehicles.

Metal burrs on the interior surface of the steering wheel may cut into wiring on the steering wheel cable reel sub-harness. This wiring connects to certain steering wheel controls and to the driver's-side front airbag. Damage to this wiring may lead to a short circuit and overheating of steering wheel control circuits, including the SRS wire harness. Common symptoms of wire damage may include malfunction of steering wheel-mounted control buttons, the vehicle's horn sounding unexpectedly, illumination of the SRS (airbag) light and, in the worst case, unprompted deployment of the driver's-side front airbag. Globally, Honda is currently aware of six unprompted airbag deployments related to this issue. Honda has received no reports of crashes related to this condition. Honda is not aware of any crashes or injuries in Canada, which are associated with the issue this recall is intended to address.

Replacement parts and a special tool needed to perform the required recall service, are expected to become available beginning in early June 2019.

Honda encourages each owner of an affected vehicle to schedule a service appointment with an authorized dealer as soon as they receive notification of this recall from Honda. The required recall service will be performed free-of-charge.

Mailed notification to owners of affected vehicles is expected begin in early July 2019. Additionally, owners of 2019 CR-V vehicle may determine if their vehicles are subject-to this recall, by visiting or by calling 1-888-9HONDA9 (1-888-946-6329).


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