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New Digital FactBook Released

The latest Digital FactBook is out with new information on sales, manufacturing and Honda operations around the world.

The report, produced by North American Corporate Communications and updated annually, provides an overview of Honda's global operations, as well as detailed historical and up-to-date information concerning Honda's sales, manufacturing and R&D operations in North America. This report includes a general chronology which highlights the significant milestones in Honda's corporate history.

The 2016 Digital FactBook includes the following:
•Corporate directory of key locations and contacts by region
•Overview of worldwide operations, sales network and 2015 production
•Overview of North America (N.A.) operations and subsidiaries
•History of Honda/Acura vehicle introductions in the U.S., Honda/Acura vehicle and industry sales data for N.A.
•List of N.A. manufacturing facilities and information on automobile, motorcycle and ATV/PWC production
•Summary of N.A. R&D/Engineering facilities
•Summary of exports of N.A. made Honda products
•Overview of South America operations, subsidiaries, manufacturing facilities and R&D centers
•Overview of Europe/Middle East/Africa operations, subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities
•Overview of Japan operations, subsidiaries, R&D centers and manufacturing facilities
•Overview of Asia/Oceania operations, subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities
•Overview of China operations, subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities
•Chronology of corporate milestones

Click the file name to download the full factbook: 2016 Honda Factbook.pdf