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Honda and Acura Presented with Seven Value Awards at Canadian International Auto Show

TORONTO, ON (February 13, 2014) – As Canadian automotive media gather to open the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, Honda and Acura received seven combined awards from Canadian Black Book (CBB) and ALG for overall best retained value and best residual value. The awards include top mainstream and premium brands for the second year in a row, as well as additional segment awards for vehicle quality, reliability and overall value.

“CBB and ALG value awards mean a tremendous amount to Honda and Acura,” said Dave Gardner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Honda Canada. “Retained value speaks to many of our core brand promises, like durability, reliability and quality. Delivering in these important areas means Honda and Acura buyers own great vehicles that stand the test of time and retain their value."

ALG Awards
ALG's Residual Value Awards honour the vehicles that are forecast to retain the highest percentage of MSRP after a three-year period for luxury brands and a four-year period for mainstream brands. Award recipients are chosen after a careful evaluation of vehicle criteria, including segment competition, historical vehicle performance and industry trends. Awards are given in 22 vehicle segment categories and two brand categories (Mainstream and Premium). This year’s winners include:

•    Mainstream Brand – Honda
•    Premium Brand – Acura
•    Midsize Car – Honda Accord
•    Minivan – Honda Odyssey
•    Premium Compact Utility Vehicle – Acura RDX

Canadian Black Book Awards
Canadian Black Book's “Best Retained Value Awards” are handed out in 19 categories, given to those vehicles which retained the greatest percentage of their original MSRP over the past four years (since 2009).  In their 9th year, CBB's awards guide consumers who are looking for vehicles that hold their value best, thereby reducing the total cost of vehicle ownership...a critical consideration when purchasing a vehicle.

•    Sub-Compact Car – Honda Fit
•    Minivan – Honda Odyssey
•    Compact SUV – Honda CR-V (runner-up)

About Honda Canada
Honda Canada Inc. was founded in 1969. It has produced more than 6 million cars and trucks since 1986 at its two manufacturing facilities and builds engines at a third manufacturing plant in Alliston, Ontario.  Both manufacturing facilities are extremely flexible and currently build Honda Civic and CR-V models.  Honda Canada has invested more than $2.6 billion in Canada and each year it sources nearly $1.1 billion in goods and services from Canadian suppliers. Honda Canada has sold more than 3.8 million Honda and Acura passenger cars and light-duty trucks in Canada.

About ALG
Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California with an office in Toronto, Ontario, ALG is a leading provider of insights and consulting services to the automotive industry. ALG is the benchmark for residual value projections in North America, publishing residual values for all vehicles in the U.S. and Canada. ALG has been forecasting automotive residual values for 50 years in both the U.S. and Canadian markets. ALG is a subsidiary of TrueCar, Inc. For more information, visit

About Canadian Black Book
As Canada's trusted source for unbiased vehicle values for more than 50 years, Canadian Black Book's roots are in providing proprietary industry data to insurance companies, banks, automotive manufacturers and dealers in booklet form and online. In 2010, to meet the increasing needs of consumers looking to make better-informed purchase decisions on new and used vehicles, CBB launched a consumer web site. Featuring listings and exclusive vehicle trade-in and future value calculators, has had more than 11 million Canadians log over 100 million page views since launch.