TSX 2013

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The 2013 TSX

From its acrobatic agility and race-inspired engineering to its breakthrough exterior style, the TSX is an aggressive sport sedan designed to empower a new generation of Acura drivers.  It’s a new age of automotive advancement and a new form of confidence.

As one of Acura’s most popular sedans,  the 2013 TSX remains fun to drive thanks to two powerful engine choices; a spirited 2.4L inline four cylinder and a 3.5L V-6.  Both engines recently received numerous improvements to reduce internal operating friction which help improve fuel economy.  As a result, the friction reduction measures are a significant element to improve fuel economy.

The four-cylinder TSX has won over customers with its nimble handling, agile driving feel and balanced performance. The V-6 model adds a new level of power on top of these winning traits for a more sporty and spirited driving experience. The V-6 is designed to satisfy driving enthusiast's appetite for a fun-to-drive, yet refined sports sedan.