Jett Lawrence Adds His Name to Daytona SX Winners List

  • 450SX rookie delivers Honda a record 18th premier-class win at the legendary venue
  • Crash ends Hunter Lawrence’s night prematurely
  • Falls and misfortune limit Chance Hymas to 15th in 250SX East

As the AMA Supercross series approached its midway point at the unique Daytona, Florida, round, Jett Lawrence put in a statement ride, making solid passes before pulling ahead to a convincing victory. Given the venue’s rich history and challenging track, Daytona wins are meaningful; this one was particularly impressive, as Jett earned it in his first year as a premier-class rider, indicating that he learned an important lesson following last week’s final-lap crash out of the lead in Arlington. The 20-year-old Australian also became the year’s first three-time winner, and he expanded his lead in the title chase to 10 points.

Following a tense moment before the start when there was a delay in the removal of his rear-tire cover, Jett was sixth out of turn 1, just behind brother and teammate Hunter Lawrence. When lap 1 was finished, Jett was up to third, where he stayed through lap 4. At that point, Lawrence used a quad jump through a rhythm section to move by Eli Tomac, then snuck by Chase Sexton in the following turn. From there, Jett went about establishing a cushion, running lap times a couple of seconds lower than his competitors. In the end, Jett won by nearly six seconds, though he led by more than 10 seconds at times. Phoenix Racing Honda rider Dylan Ferrandis ended the night eighth, while Hunter Lawrence suffered a hard fall early on and withdrew with a sore shoulder. (At the time this was published, Hunter was awaiting results of an MRI to determine the gravity of the injury.)

Hymas was just inside the top 10 off the 250SX East main-event start, then up to seventh by the end of lap 1. He moved up one position on each of the next two laps to assume fifth, but a fall and getting stuck on a Tuff Block dropped the Idaho native back in the pack, resulting in an eventual 15th-place result. Meanwhile, Fire Power Honda rider Max Anstie recovered from 10th after lap 1 to finish eighth, good enough to maintain a narrow lead in the championship battle.


  • All three participating Team Honda HRC riders—Jett Lawrence, Hunter Lawrence and Chance Hymas—took part in Friday’s media-day activities, participating in interviews and getting in some laps on the challenging Daytona track.
  • Pro Honda sponsored a “Team Member of the Weekend” award for Daytona, with co-winners Mike Spraker and Tom Poage (the Team Honda HRC truck drivers) taking home JBL Flip 6 portable Bluetooth speakers.
  • With Daytona being a home race for the Lawrence family, Tate Lawrence (the middle brother, who is autistic) was on hand. Team Honda HRC manager Lars Lindstrom took the opportunity to re-sign Tate to a new two-year deal as a team ambassador, and Tate participated in the rider-autograph session at the team rig, signing his own custom posters. “I’m excited to have Tate back in our truck for another two years,” Lars said. “He was highly sought after by the other teams, but after intense negotiations, we were able to get the deal done.”
  • The second timed qualifying session was canceled due to rain, which meant only the times from the first session counted. Jett ended up fifth-fastest in the 450SX division, with Hunter 10th. In the 250SX East ranks, Chance Hymas had the eighth-best time (one behind Fire Power Honda’s Max Anstie).
  • Daytona was a 250SX Futures round, pitting top amateur racers against one another. The top-finishing Red Rider was SLR Honda’s Parker Ross, in sixth, with teammate Alvin Hillan taking 19th place.
  • Chance Hymas was slotted in the first 250SX East heat race, and after sitting fourth off the start, he slipped to seventh before recovering a spot later on lap 1. He was fifth at the end of the following lap and third on lap 3. He maintained that position to the finish, and then Fire Power Honda’s Max Anstie earned his first-ever heat-race win in the second heat. Other Red Riders to advance from heat 2 were TiLube Honda’s Henry Miller, RRG privateer Tyler Stepek and Lasting Impressions-backed Izaih Clark.
  • Hunter and Jett Lawrence were in 450SX heat races 1 and 2, respectively. Hunter was sixth after one lap and moved up to fifth on lap 3. A last-lap mistake dropped him to seventh at the finish.
  • Jett was fifth out of turn 1 in heat 2, and the first lap saw him move by Jason Anderson and Phoenix Racing Honda’s Dylan Ferrandis. Two laps later, he passed Justin Cooper and Eli Tomac on the same straightaway, and he then powered ahead to a 6.269-second win. Ferrandis held on for fourth, two ahead of Fire Power Honda’s Dean Wilson. Valley Automotive Group-backed Red Rider Jeremy Hand made it through the last-chance qualifier.
  • Jett notched the fastest lap time in the 450SX main event, 1.665 seconds quicker than the next-best rider’s top time.
  • The day after the race, Rick Johnson published an Instagram post about a text message he had received from fellow Team Honda legend David Bailey: “Young guy with talent and fight and bold confidence takes on an older guy who already won the title and Daytona and beats him in the heat and the main event and goes on to win the title!,” Bailey wrote. “Statement wins in ’86 and ’24.” (Johnson bested ’84 winner Bailey in ’86, then went on to take his first SX crown.)
  • Jett’s victory gave Honda sole ownership of the premier-class Daytona win record, at 18. Other Red Riders to have topped the top class at the venue include Marty Tripes, Darrell Shultz, Bob Hannah (twice), David Bailey, Rick Johnson (twice), Rick Ryan, Jeff Stanton (four times), Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael (twice), Kevin Windham and Justin Brayton (the previous Honda-mounted Daytona premier-class winner, in 2018).
  • This was actually Jett’s second win at Daytona, as he topped the 250SX East race in 2022. Hunter won that class at last year’s Daytona race.
  • Unfortunately, Fire Power Honda’s Dean Wilson suffered a broken scapula during a crash in the Daytona 450SX main event.
  • Jett Lawrence and Max Anstie both retained their red number plates, signifying their leads in the 450SX and 250SX East title chases leaving Daytona. Jett extended his lead from three to 10 points, while Anstie holds a one-point advantage.
  • AMA Supercross now proceeds to Birmingham, Alabama, this weekend, when round 9 will be held at Protective Stadium (a new venue on the schedule).

Jett Lawrence
“It’s awesome to get a win here, especially to get it on my first attempt on a 450. Winning it how we did, with my tire cover still on as the gate was dropping, I was freaking out on the gate. I’m glad I was able to get a good start, calm myself down, and get back to racing. I’m super-pumped for the team on this one.”

Hunter Lawrence
“It’s a bittersweet night for the team. Jett had a great night, and it was awesome for the team to get a win. As far as my night, I was really happy with how I was riding—fifth off the start, fighting for fourth was definitely a positive to take away. I’m really happy with how the bike felt—it was handling amazing. Fingers crossed we’ll be all good after I get evaluated. I just have to continue to build on the positives.”

Chance Hymas
“It was a rough weekend. Once again, I was riding really good until I wasn’t. I’m frustrated with myself and just trying to take the positives away and work on what I know I need to work on. A massive thank-you to my team and supporters for being patient and sticking with me through it all.”

Lars Lindstrom – Team Manager
“Instead of focusing on the bittersweet feeling that we all had after the weekend, with Chance and Hunter both having issues with falls, I want to focus on what an awesome win it was for Jett. This track was absolutely brutal, and so technical that it took everything that these elite athletes have to just stay up and jump the obstacles. The fact that he was able to catch and pass the best racer that Daytona has ever seen not just once, but twice in one night (heat and main) shows what an exceptional talent Jett is. Everyone at American Honda and HRC is extremely proud of him, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the season.”

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450SX Results

  1. Jett Lawrence (Hon)
  2. Eli Tomac (Yam)
  3. Chase Sexton (KTM)
  4. Cooper Webb (Yam)
  5. Ken Roczen (Suz)
  6. Justin Cooper (Yam)
  7. Malcolm Stewart (Hus)
  8. Dylan Ferrandis (Hon)
  9. Jason Anderson (Kaw)
  10. Benny Bloss (Bet)

17. Jeremy Hand (Hon)
20. Dean Wilson (Hon)
21. Hunter Lawrence (Hon)

450SX Championship Points (after 8 of 17 rounds)

  1. Jett Lawrence: 160
  2. Cooper Webb: 150
  3. Chase Sexton: 147
  4. Eli Tomac: 144
  5. Ken Roczen: 133
  6. Aaron Plessinger: 132
  7. Jason Anderson: 131
  8. Dylan Ferrandis: 107
  9. Justin Cooper: 75
  10. Hunter Lawrence: 86

14. Dean Wilson: 46

250SX East Region Results

  1. Tom Vialle (KTM)
  2. Cameron McAdoo (Kaw)
  3. Seth Hammaker (Kaw)
  4. Haiden Deegan (Yam)
  5. Pierce Brown (Gas)
  6. Coty Schock (Yam)
  7. Jalek Swoll (Tri)
  8. Max Anstie (Hon)
  9. Marshal Weltin (Yam)
  10. Daxton Bennick (Yam)

11. Henry Miller (Hon)
15. Chance Hymas (Hon)
17. Izaih Clark (Hon)
19. Tyler Stepek (Hon)

250SX East Region Championship Points (after 3 of 9 rounds)

  1. Max Anstie: 52
  2. Cameron McAdoo: 51
  3. Pierce Brown: 51
  4. Tom Vialle: 49
  5. Haiden Deegan: 49
  6. Coty Schock: 48
  7. Daxton Bennick: 44
  8. Seth Hammaker: 39
  9. Henry Miller: 37
  10. Marshal Weltin: 35

11. Chance Hymas: 34
20. Izaih Clark: 10

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