Honda Canada to Begin Sales of EU3200iC, All-New Portable Generator Equipped with Sine Wave Inverter, in June 2022

Honda Canada today announced plans to begin sales of an all-new EU3200iC portable generator equipped with a newly designed dedicated engine (maximum output: 3.2kVA).

With the demand for generators diversifying from a power source for various outdoor recreational activities to backup power supply in emergency situations, the need for high-output, portable generators is increasing. To fulfil such needs, the EU3200iC, an all-new generator equipped with a newly developed dedicated GX130 engine, featuring a sine wave inverter and a 3kVA-class high output all while remaining lightweight, compact and highly portable. Featuring Honda's original sine wave inverter technology, the EU3200iC can provide a stable supply of high-quality electrical output with smooth waveform, which makes this generator compatible with precision instruments that require high-quality electricity.

The exterior design features a new black-base colouring, generating a sharp image with strong accented shading. The rounded corners were adopted to soften the lines, reducing risk of damage and increasing the ease of transport from one place to the next.

The EU3200iC is replacing the EU3000iK (Handy).  The EU3200iC is not only rated as one of the quietest and lightest in its class but it also includes Bluetooth technology, and parallel connect capability will be available (Winter 2022).  The EU3200iC is one of the most ideal generators for home (backup power, outdoor activity), outdoor recreation (camping or RV) as well as outdoor business use (food trucks & kiosk style vendors).

Honda has designed the EU3200iC even easier to use.  A battery-less pull start fuel injection system allows for an easy-to-use new two-step start up process. The built-in Bluetooth technology, utilizing the dedicated Honda “My Generator App,” allows the user to check the status of their generator including the remaining fuel level, operating time, and remotely control the generator with the ability to turn off the engine, increasing user friendliness.

  • The EU3200iC is on sale in Canada June 15th, 2022.
  • MSRP: $3,199

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